Legendary: Typing the Characters from How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother (TV Series 2005–2014) - IMDb

Lance is what you might call a “super fan” of HIMYM. Kate, on the other hand, had only seen a handful of episodes. Thanks to Lance, she’s now drinking the HIMYM koolaid.

These characters are fun and endearing. It’s a sitcom, so of course they’re a little over the top from time to time, but they also have personalities that developed over a decade and there’s lots of enneagram work to be done!

Let’s begin with Marshall. Lance made a great argument for a 1. Kate is still leaning towards a 9. We’re confident he’s one or the other.

Then there’s Lily. Though she has a few 7 moments, we think she’s a 2. She sure does meddle like a 2!

Barney comes off as a shallow character, but we had a really deep conversation about this guy. Lance made a shocking case for him being a 4… and it’s surprisingly compelling. Kate still thinks a 3w4 is possible. How about you?

Then there’s Robin. That tough cookie is an 8. You probably won’t change our minds on that.

And then there’s Ted. Is he a 2 or a 9? These two numbers can look very similar, but it always comes down to motivation. Does he want love or peace? What do you think?

Listen on your favorite app, or right here! https://www.buzzsprout.com/1725197/8854665

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