Just a Boy Who Works in a Shop: Typing the Characters from Stardust

Have You Seen Stardust? – The Nerdd

We have to start with a confession. When we initially picked this film to cover on the podcast, we thought we’d have more to work with. Stardust (2007) is an absolutely charming movie (and book), but it turns out we don’t get *that* much in the way of character personality and motivation. We did the best we could.

That being said, we still had fun and there’s some solid enneagram dialogue!

We typed Tristan as a 2, but Lance has since read the book and thinks he’s more of a 4. More evidence leads to better conclusions, so he’s probably right.

Captain Shakespeare is definitely in the heart triad (2,3,4). Where do you land for this lovely character?

Yvaine was harder to nail down. For this character, we went through all nine types and talked about why she could (or couldn’t be) any given number.

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Yer a Wizard, Harry: Typing the Characters from Harry Potter

Rumored Harry Potter RPG Reportedly Releasing In 2021

Is there any series millennials love more than Harry Potter? Probably not.

Lance and Kate are both lovers of the series- both in print and film, and so it was only a matter of time before they attempted to type the main characters.

Typing Lord Voldemort led to some interesting discussion about the differences between 3s and 8s and their relationships to power.

Lance and Kate both felt confident in typing Ron as a phobic 6. More than anything, Ron shows us that courage can be greater than our fears.

Hermione looks a lot like a 5. She’s bookish and thinks expulsion is worse than death, but when we teased her character out, we landed on a 1 instead.

The new Harry Potter book covers! Released August 27, 2013 in honor of the  series' 15th an… | Harry potter book covers, Harry potter books, Harry  potter anniversary

And then there’s Harry Potter. He was the trickiest of all- in part because (spoiler alert) he carries around a piece of Voldemort’s soul. How much does that impact him? We aren’t sure. Through process of elimination, we narrowed his type down to an 8w9 or 9w8. Kate lobbied for the 9 and- after an impassioned speech- convinced Lance of the same.

The episode closed with a lightening (scar) round of our favorite secondary characters.

How would you type the characters from Harry Potter? Comment here, or jump over to IG and join the conversation.

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Live Long and Prosper: Typing the Characters from Star Trek

What is the best way to learn your enneagram type? A lot of folks start with a free test they find on the internet. While that’s not necessarily BAD, it’s not really GOOD either.

Tests- even good tests- are wrong as often as they’re right. And the freebies you find on the internet are basically hot garbage. So what is an enneagram beginner to do? We’re so glad you asked!

As students of the narrative tradition, we think the best way to discover one’s type is through a) learning about all nine types and finding yourself in them or b) a typing interview with an enneagram teacher or coach. A coach cannot tell you what your type is, but they can help you narrow it down on your journey to self-discovery.

For this episode of the Nerdagram Podcast, we were joined by our guest, Matt Sonnenberg. Matt is the host of the Beam Me Up podcast, and he helped us conduct a typing interview using Captain Kirk and Captain Picard as our test cases!

Fictional Crush #1 Cpt. James T. kirk TOS | Star trek captains, Star trek  original series, Star trek

It’s a little weird to conduct a typing interview on fictional characters, but somehow it worked!

First we looked at Captain James T. Kirk, and we think he’s an enneagram 8.

Next we interviewed Matt on Captain Jean Luc Picard. We think he might be an enneagram 1.

What do you think?

Did we get these characters right? How do you feel about the process of a typing interview? We’d love to hear from you!

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Anybody Want a Peanut: Typing the Characters from the Princess Brid

Amazon.com: The Princess Bride: Cary Elwes, Mandy Patinkin, Robin Wright,  Chris Sarandon, Christopher Guest, Wallace Shawn, André the Giant, Fred  Savage, Peter Falk, Peter Cook, Mel Smith, Carol Kane, Adrian Biddle, Rob

“Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday.”

Actually, it’s just the latest episode of the Nerdagram Podcast.

The Princess Bride is one of those iconic films that every American has seen and most Americans can quote.

It may seem inconceivable, but it’s true.

In this episode, Lance and Kate dug into these characters we love, and mostly typed their enneagram numbers.

Vizzini may be a genius, but does that necessarily make him an enneagram 5? We say, “No.” Count Rugen, on the other hand, strikes us as the classic observer.

Prince Humperdinck is evil. He’s also clever, competent, and very good and accomplishing his goals. We’re leaning towards a 3 for him.

Fezzik isn’t just a member of the brute squad. He is the brute squad. This gentle giant strikes us an an enneagram 9.

Inigo Montoya is a man in search of revenge. Too bad there’s not a lot of money in that. Inigo was difficult for us to type. Is he a 6? An 8? Something else? Maybe the six-fingered man will know.

Princess Buttercup, unfortunately, has no enneagram number. While watching this, Lance and Kate realized she was written with very little personality. What a disappointing discovery for two feminists who’ve loved this film for three decades.

As You Wish': Take A Peek At The Making Of 'The Princess Bride' | NPR  Illinois

Finally, we come to Westly. Lance and Kate agree he is an “ideal man.” His enneagram number was less clear. What do you think?

It was a lot of fun to revisit The Princess Bride. After all these years, we still tip our hats and say, “As you wish.”

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Toss a Coin to Your Witcher: Typing the Characters from The Witcher

The Witcher (TV Series 2019– ) - IMDb

In this episode, Lance and Kate typed four characters from The Witcher universe: the Bard, Ciri, Yennefer, and Geralt.

Lance and Kate agree the Bard is probably a 4. You’d better not insult his singing voice.

Ciri is a bit harder to type. We’re thinking she’s in the gut triad, but we’re not positive. She’s a kid who is constantly in life or death situations. That’s not a great time to type someone.

Yennefer comes off as an aggressive number. At first, she looked like a 3, but we both moved in a different direction. Kate came into the episode thinking she was an 8, but Lance made his case for the enneagram 2, and changed her mind. Well done, Lance.

Geralt -everyone’s favorite monster killer- is probably a 9. He’s indecisive (and so are we). He’s also beautiful, not that his looks impact his personality. Kate just wanted to mention it.

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Shout out to friend of the pod, Jill Ann, for giving us her Witcher recommendations.

I Gotta Bad Feeling About This: Typing the Characters from the Original Star Wars Trilogy

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977) - IMDb

May the fourth be with you…

In honor of May the 4th, we shifted production schedule and brought you an episode on the most iconic characters from the Star Wars universe: Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Luke Skywalker.

Lance and Kate also agreed they only wanted to re-watch episodes IV-VI, which may have been a factor.

Princess Leia is principled and committed, defensive, yet kind. Lance and Kate agree, she’s probably an enneagram 1.

Han Solo is in a long term relationship with his ship, the Millennium Falcon. What, if anything, does that say about his enneagram number? Lance and Kate went back and forth on this one. Is he an 8 or a 7? Kate still says he’s a self-preservation 7. Help her change Lance’s mind.

Luke Skywalker gave us the most trouble. Lance made a convincing argument- based largely on A New Hope- that Luke is an enneagram 4, who integrates and leans into the behaviors of a 1 in the rest of the series. It’s not a bad argument. Did he convince you?

This episode concludes with a lightening round for secondary characters, based on our hosts’ gut reactions, so hang on until the end.

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Here for Kenny’s Birthday: Typing the Characters from the Umbrella Academy

Review: “The Umbrella Academy” | The Utah Statesman
From left to right: Vanya, Five, Alison, Luther, Diego, Klaus

The Hargreeves children have superpowers. They’re also super dysfunctional. Raised by an emotionally distant genius who (spoiler alert) is also an alien, they spent most of their childhood fighting bad guys as the Umbrella Academy.

Now that they’re all grown up (except for the one who died and the one who disappeared). They’ve gone their separate ways and try (as best as they’re able) to live “normal” lives. But when their father dies, the Hargreeves children return for his funeral. To everyone’s surprise, they’re joined by their long-lost brother, Five, whose returned from the future to stop the end of the world. No big deal.

The Umbrella Academy is getting back together… whether they want to or not.

For this episode, Lance and Kate did something a little bit different. Since so many people in the internet like to type these characters according to their number in the family system, we tested out this theory to see if it holds water.

It does not.

Except for Klaus/Four. He is DEFINITELY an enneagram 4.

Tune into this episode and discover:

Why sixes and ones might resemble each other.

Why there could be three sixes in this family who act wildly different from one another.

And why ghosts are so hard to type.

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Draw that Man in a Chicken Suit: Typing the Characters from Toy Story

TOY STORY 3 All Best Movie Clips (2010) - YouTube

All of our listeners have probably encountered Toy Story- either as a youngster or a parent of youngsters. Either way, these characters will live in our imaginations to infinity and beyond. *Take Note. Kate can make dad jokes, too.”

In this episode, we did our best to unpack the personalities of these beloved, animated characters.

Is Jesse an 8 or a stressed out 2? We’re leaning toward 8.

Rex is a phobic 6 all the live-long-day.

Is Hamm so dang funny because he’s an enneagram 5? Definitely.

We think Bo is a 7. What’s your sense?

Buzz stumped us a little. We kind of think he is an enneagram 1 going through a midlife crisis in the fourth film.

And then there’s Woody. Lance may have changed Kate’s mind on his type, and you’ll get some really great info about the enneagram 2 and 6 when they debate him.

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Episode 5: Typing the Characters from the Mummy (1999)

The Mummy (1999 film) - Wikipedia

Exotic setting. Lost treasures. Romance. Reanimated corpses. The Mummy has it all! Lance and Kate both adore this swashbuckling adventure, staring Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz, and they had lots of fun typing the main characters.

Jonathan is a smart (but somewhat lazy) Egyptologist, whose “borrows” an artifact from a criminal. It just so happens that artifact is the key to finding an ancient lost city full of treasure. Is this fun-loving screwball a type 7?

Evie is dedicated to her studies, but struggles in everything else. She emerges as a heroine with tremendous strength and fortitude. We think she’s probably a 5.

Imhotep, the villain of the piece, was buried alive after murdering the pharaoh

52 Best The Mummy ideas | mummy, mummy movie, movies

(and stealing his girl), and then trying to resurrect his dead girlfriend. Apparently those things were frowned upon in ancient Egypt. Lance makes a case for his enneagram number. Kate had nothing. What do you think?

Rick O’Connell is the hero of this adventure. He’s a gun-slinging guide through the deserts of Egypt, and he just happens to develop a crush on the lovely Egyptologist (Evie) in the process. We really had to think on this one. Is he an 8? A counter-phobic 6? None of the above? Comment below and help us decide.

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Episode 4: Little Women

Little Women - Kindle edition by Alcott, Louisa May. Humor & Entertainment  Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

In 1868, Louisa May Alcott’s semi-autobiographical work, Little Women, captured the hearts of American readers, and continues to do so today. Whether you’ve come to Little Women through the novel, or one of it’s many film adaptations, the March sisters have become icons.

And since Alcott did such an excellent job creating these rich characters, they are excellent “test cases” for enneagram learning!

First things first… who was the best Jo March? You may choose from Winona Ryder, Saoirse Ronan, or Katherine Hepburn. We prefer to pretend the BBC never made that mini-series.

We thought Beth was probably a 9.

Meg… well… we were less sure about her. We are somewhere between a 2, a 3, and a 6.

Amy might be a 3, but we’re open to debate.

Lance and Kate are agreed, Jo March is a 4. All. Day. Long.

What about you? How would you type the March sisters?

What about Laurie/Teddy?

Check out the episode and let us know!