Episode 3: Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog

For this episode, Lance convinced Kate to watch the cult-favorite, Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog, staring Neil Patrick Harris, Felicia Day, and Nathan Fillion. This 42 minute mini-movie (which you can watch for free on youtube), tells the story of a master villain, trying to earn a place in the Evil League of Evil. He’s also falling in love with a woman from the laundromat, a do-gooder named Penny. Unfortunately, Penny is dating Dr. Horrible’s nemesis, Captain Hammer. Join us as we flesh out these over-the-top characters, while doing some surprising deep enneagram work.

Join the conversation!

Do you agree that Billy (aka Dr. Horrible) is a 3?

Penny is a sweetheart. Does that mean she’s a 9?

What about Captain Hammer? Can you end Lance and Kate’s debate?

And then there’s Moist? Are you an enneagram Jedi who can convincingly argue a number for him?

Catch the episode here: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1725197/8200121

Episode 2: Typing House Stark from Game of Thrones

Winter is coming. Actually, it’s just our second episode that’s coming today. In this installment, Lance and Kate dig in and discuss the members of the Stark family. Sometimes they agree. Sometimes they don’t, but there’s lots of good enneagram (and GoT) content in this one!

Rickon- We don’t know.

Bran- Is he even human?

Arya- 8 or counter-phobic 6?

Sansa- We think she’s a 3.

Jon- We’re leaning towards 1. What do you think?

Robb- Lance says he’s a 1. Kate doesn’t have a clue!

Ned- Join the sparky debate. Is he a 1 or a 6? Comment below and settle the debate!

Catelyn Stark- is just a B.

Listen here: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1725197/episodes/8152871

Episode 1: Typing the Disney Renaissance Princesses

In the first Nerdagram Podcast episode, Kate and Lance go back to the 1990s to type some of their favorite princesses. What number do you think Ariel, Jasmine, Belle, and Pocahontas are?

Is Ariel a 4, a 7, or something else?

Jasmine is probably an 8. Change our mind.

Pocahontas might be a 7. She might be a counter-phobic 6. What do you think?

We think Belle is a 9. How about you?

Listen here: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1725197/episodes/8106823