The Weight of the World But Nowhere to Put It Down; Typing the Characters from 7 Days in June

As we come to the end of Black History Month, Lance and Kate thought it was important to read a black story, told by a black author. Enter Seven Days in June by Tia Williams. Williams did her job because the characters were so well-developed that Lance and Kate came into the studio convinced of their enneagram types… and they agreed! Check out this episode- which has a particular focus on the enneagram 2.

We’re Bringing Magic Back: Typing the Characters from Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

The January book club pick was Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. While these magicians are focused on bringing magic back to England (and making it respectable), Lance and Kate were focused on understanding these characters through the lens of the enneagram. Check out this episode and tell us what you think.

We Don’t Talk About Bruno: Typing the Characters from Encanto.

This charming Disney film is a celebration of family, and the ways our individual gifts strengthen the whole. But what happens when one member of the family doesn’t seem as special as the others?

In this episode, we did a quick discussion of the less prominent family members and then honed in on Luisa, Isabella, Abuela Alma, and Mirabel!

Ghosts of Enneagram Typings Past: Typing the Characters from A Christmas Carol

The December read for the Nerdagram Book Club was the classic, A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens. There weren’t many characters to type (unless you have a guess for the characters as portrayed by the Muppets), but we made up for that by going deep into the typing for Scrooge. Don’t miss this episode!