Enneagram, Actually: Typing the Characters from Love Actually

In this episode, Lance and Kate continued the romantic comedy theme, but with a Christmas twist.

In honor of the nine numbers of the enneagram, they typed the nine principle characters, though some were inconclusive.

Maybe you can provide some insight. Is Karen a 6 or a 7?

Is Mark (aka Posh Rick Grimes) a 1 or 4? Kate and Lance couldnt’ agree.

Is Daniel a really healthy seven, or did we miss something?

Let us know what you think about the episode!

Putting the MAN in Romance: Typing the Characters from the Bromance Book Club

For our November book club, Lance and Kate read one of Kate’s favorite contemporary romances about a man who turns to a group of romance-reading bros to help save his crumbling marriage.

We typed the four main characters: Mack, Liv, Thea and Gavin.

Listen Here:

Under Locke and Key: Typing the Characters from the Netflix series, Locke & Key

In this episode, we typed the main characters from this fantastical series.

Bonus content: what kind of key would each enneagram number create?


Don’t You Forget About Me: Typing the Characters from the Breakfast Club

This week we typed the characters from the Breakfast Club. Even though Lance didn’t enjoy this film, the characters gave us a lot of fodder for good enneagram conversations!

We tackled these characters in a specific order: the brain, the athlete, the basket-case, the princess, and the criminal!

Legendary: Typing the Characters from How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother (TV Series 2005–2014) - IMDb

Lance is what you might call a “super fan” of HIMYM. Kate, on the other hand, had only seen a handful of episodes. Thanks to Lance, she’s now drinking the HIMYM koolaid.

These characters are fun and endearing. It’s a sitcom, so of course they’re a little over the top from time to time, but they also have personalities that developed over a decade and there’s lots of enneagram work to be done!

Let’s begin with Marshall. Lance made a great argument for a 1. Kate is still leaning towards a 9. We’re confident he’s one or the other.

Then there’s Lily. Though she has a few 7 moments, we think she’s a 2. She sure does meddle like a 2!

Barney comes off as a shallow character, but we had a really deep conversation about this guy. Lance made a shocking case for him being a 4… and it’s surprisingly compelling. Kate still thinks a 3w4 is possible. How about you?

Then there’s Robin. That tough cookie is an 8. You probably won’t change our minds on that.

And then there’s Ted. Is he a 2 or a 9? These two numbers can look very similar, but it always comes down to motivation. Does he want love or peace? What do you think?

Listen on your favorite app, or right here! https://www.buzzsprout.com/1725197/8854665

A Few Bloody Noses: Typing the Characters from the Patriot

Amazon.com: The Patriot (Extended Cut): Mel Gibson, Heath Ledger, Joely  Richardson, Jason Isaacs, Chris Cooper, Roland Emmerich, Mark Gordon, Dean  Devlin, Centropolis Entertainment, Inc.; Mutual Film Company: Movies & TV

In the spirit of Independence Day, we wanted to revisit something patriotic. There’s nothing more patriotic than The Patriot, staring Mel Gibson.

Even though Mel Gibson is the obvious lead, there’s a strong ensemble cast (at least where male characters are concerned).

Aunt Charlotte is a bland character. We don’t get that many lines from her, and when she does speak, it’s fairly blah. We’re going with a 2 or 9, but it’s hard to type a character with so little data.

We don’t get much from Ann Howard either, but there were a few key moments that made us type her as a 1. Similarly, we think her beloved, Gabriel, is also an enneagram 1.

Col. Tavington is another classic villain, and we feel pretty confident he’s a 3. Success is everything for him.

And then there’s Benjamin Martin. Once again, we had the hardest time typing the lead. Is he an 8? A 5? A 6? You tell us!

You can listen here: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1725197/8817630

Hellooo, It’s Called a Lance: Typing the Characters from A Knight’s Tale

BSG's Ron Moore Is Developing A Knight's Tale Reboot For ABC | The Mary Sue

It’s hard to believe A Knight’s Tale is twenty years old! Despite the questionable costuming and historically inaccurate armor, A Knight’s Tale is a delightful story that continues to entertain!

As for enneagram typing… well, it’s not as great as we’d hoped. There are several characters we can’t even begin to type (like Kate, the blacksmith). For the rest, we did our best (it rhymes!), and had a few solid enneagram conversations.

Roland and Wat both struck us as 6s, but we believe one is phobic and the other is counter-phobic.

Jocelyn and Chaucer are most likely 4s. After all, we meet Chaucer while he’s “trudging.”

Count Adhemar is really just a caricature of a a villain. If we had to guess his type, we’d say 3, but that’s probably unfair to most 3s.

And then, there’s Will Thatcher. Considering he’s the lead character, one would think he’d be easier to type. Yet, Lance and Kate struggled mightily. What enneagram number do YOU think best suits Sir Ulrich Von Lichtenstein?

You can find the episode on your favorite podcast app, or listen right here: