Draw that Man in a Chicken Suit: Typing the Characters from Toy Story

TOY STORY 3 All Best Movie Clips (2010) - YouTube

All of our listeners have probably encountered Toy Story- either as a youngster or a parent of youngsters. Either way, these characters will live in our imaginations to infinity and beyond. *Take Note. Kate can make dad jokes, too.”

In this episode, we did our best to unpack the personalities of these beloved, animated characters.

Is Jesse an 8 or a stressed out 2? We’re leaning toward 8.

Rex is a phobic 6 all the live-long-day.

Is Hamm so dang funny because he’s an enneagram 5? Definitely.

We think Bo is a 7. What’s your sense?

Buzz stumped us a little. We kind of think he is an enneagram 1 going through a midlife crisis in the fourth film.

And then there’s Woody. Lance may have changed Kate’s mind on his type, and you’ll get some really great info about the enneagram 2 and 6 when they debate him.

Find this episode on your favorite podcast app, or find it here: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1725197/8324613

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