Here for Kenny’s Birthday: Typing the Characters from the Umbrella Academy

Review: “The Umbrella Academy” | The Utah Statesman
From left to right: Vanya, Five, Alison, Luther, Diego, Klaus

The Hargreeves children have superpowers. They’re also super dysfunctional. Raised by an emotionally distant genius who (spoiler alert) is also an alien, they spent most of their childhood fighting bad guys as the Umbrella Academy.

Now that they’re all grown up (except for the one who died and the one who disappeared). They’ve gone their separate ways and try (as best as they’re able) to live “normal” lives. But when their father dies, the Hargreeves children return for his funeral. To everyone’s surprise, they’re joined by their long-lost brother, Five, whose returned from the future to stop the end of the world. No big deal.

The Umbrella Academy is getting back together… whether they want to or not.

For this episode, Lance and Kate did something a little bit different. Since so many people in the internet like to type these characters according to their number in the family system, we tested out this theory to see if it holds water.

It does not.

Except for Klaus/Four. He is DEFINITELY an enneagram 4.

Tune into this episode and discover:

Why sixes and ones might resemble each other.

Why there could be three sixes in this family who act wildly different from one another.

And why ghosts are so hard to type.

You can find this episode on all your favorite podcast platforms, or follow this link:

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