Hellooo, It’s Called a Lance: Typing the Characters from A Knight’s Tale

BSG's Ron Moore Is Developing A Knight's Tale Reboot For ABC | The Mary Sue

It’s hard to believe A Knight’s Tale is twenty years old! Despite the questionable costuming and historically inaccurate armor, A Knight’s Tale is a delightful story that continues to entertain!

As for enneagram typing… well, it’s not as great as we’d hoped. There are several characters we can’t even begin to type (like Kate, the blacksmith). For the rest, we did our best (it rhymes!), and had a few solid enneagram conversations.

Roland and Wat both struck us as 6s, but we believe one is phobic and the other is counter-phobic.

Jocelyn and Chaucer are most likely 4s. After all, we meet Chaucer while he’s “trudging.”

Count Adhemar is really just a caricature of a a villain. If we had to guess his type, we’d say 3, but that’s probably unfair to most 3s.

And then, there’s Will Thatcher. Considering he’s the lead character, one would think he’d be easier to type. Yet, Lance and Kate struggled mightily. What enneagram number do YOU think best suits Sir Ulrich Von Lichtenstein?

You can find the episode on your favorite podcast app, or listen right here:


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