La Vie Boheme: Typing the Characters from Rent

Rent - SOLD OUT — GPAC | Germantown Performing Arts Center

We’re on a musical kick here at the Nerdagram Podcast. This week, we’re diving into the characters from Rent- the musical that took Broadway by storm.

We felt like the music, in particular, gave us a window into the inner worlds of these eight characters, all of whom are connected to a Bohemian community in New York in 1989. In Rent, you’ll find themes on love, friendship, art, poverty, addiction, and living with Aids. It’s worth watching, even if you aren’t interested in the enneagram.

But if you ARE interested in enneagram, these characters give us a lot to work with.

First there’s Benny. He doesn’t get much screen time, but he seems 3-ish.

Then there’s Joanne, Maureen’s paramour. Is she a 5 or a 1? Kate still thinks a 5 wouldn’t have the emotional energy for a girlfriend like Maureen.

Next we have Tom Collins. We’re leaning towards 9, but there are definitely some 7 vibes. Lance’s question remains- “Is he a 9, or is he just high?”

Angel- the most beloved character of all- strikes us a really healthy 2. She’s generous, helpful, kind, resourceful, and a befriender who is confident in her identity.

We are still debating on Maureen. Is she an 4 or a 7? Is her wandering eye the result of a push/pull dynamic so common in 4s. OR, is she just seeing what’s out there and struggling to commit (like some 7s). Help us decide?

Mark is a 4, probably with a 5 wing. Like many 4s, he’s suffering for his art.

Mimi comes off as an 8 to us. She’s confident, shameless, and confrontational (in a good way).

Finally, there’s Roger. Poor Roger has a lot of self-loathing, very little drive, and largely untapped creative energy. We argue he’s a 4.

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