Live Long and Prosper: Typing the Characters from Star Trek

What is the best way to learn your enneagram type? A lot of folks start with a free test they find on the internet. While that’s not necessarily BAD, it’s not really GOOD either.

Tests- even good tests- are wrong as often as they’re right. And the freebies you find on the internet are basically hot garbage. So what is an enneagram beginner to do? We’re so glad you asked!

As students of the narrative tradition, we think the best way to discover one’s type is through a) learning about all nine types and finding yourself in them or b) a typing interview with an enneagram teacher or coach. A coach cannot tell you what your type is, but they can help you narrow it down on your journey to self-discovery.

For this episode of the Nerdagram Podcast, we were joined by our guest, Matt Sonnenberg. Matt is the host of the Beam Me Up podcast, and he helped us conduct a typing interview using Captain Kirk and Captain Picard as our test cases!

Fictional Crush #1 Cpt. James T. kirk TOS | Star trek captains, Star trek  original series, Star trek

It’s a little weird to conduct a typing interview on fictional characters, but somehow it worked!

First we looked at Captain James T. Kirk, and we think he’s an enneagram 8.

Next we interviewed Matt on Captain Jean Luc Picard. We think he might be an enneagram 1.

What do you think?

Did we get these characters right? How do you feel about the process of a typing interview? We’d love to hear from you!

Listen to this episode here:

And if you’d like to connect more with our guest, Matt Sonnenberg, you can find links to his podcast and Youtube page here:

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