Yer a Wizard, Harry: Typing the Characters from Harry Potter

Rumored Harry Potter RPG Reportedly Releasing In 2021

Is there any series millennials love more than Harry Potter? Probably not.

Lance and Kate are both lovers of the series- both in print and film, and so it was only a matter of time before they attempted to type the main characters.

Typing Lord Voldemort led to some interesting discussion about the differences between 3s and 8s and their relationships to power.

Lance and Kate both felt confident in typing Ron as a phobic 6. More than anything, Ron shows us that courage can be greater than our fears.

Hermione looks a lot like a 5. She’s bookish and thinks expulsion is worse than death, but when we teased her character out, we landed on a 1 instead.

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And then there’s Harry Potter. He was the trickiest of all- in part because (spoiler alert) he carries around a piece of Voldemort’s soul. How much does that impact him? We aren’t sure. Through process of elimination, we narrowed his type down to an 8w9 or 9w8. Kate lobbied for the 9 and- after an impassioned speech- convinced Lance of the same.

The episode closed with a lightening (scar) round of our favorite secondary characters.

How would you type the characters from Harry Potter? Comment here, or jump over to IG and join the conversation.

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