Just a Boy Who Works in a Shop: Typing the Characters from Stardust

Have You Seen Stardust? – The Nerdd

We have to start with a confession. When we initially picked this film to cover on the podcast, we thought we’d have more to work with. Stardust (2007) is an absolutely charming movie (and book), but it turns out we don’t get *that* much in the way of character personality and motivation. We did the best we could.

That being said, we still had fun and there’s some solid enneagram dialogue!

We typed Tristan as a 2, but Lance has since read the book and thinks he’s more of a 4. More evidence leads to better conclusions, so he’s probably right.

Captain Shakespeare is definitely in the heart triad (2,3,4). Where do you land for this lovely character?

Yvaine was harder to nail down. For this character, we went through all nine types and talked about why she could (or couldn’t be) any given number.

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